IVADE FORUM Internal Medicine Unit offers a comprehensive approach to patients during their stay at the center. The internist is the doctor on whom clinical care turns, guiding the patient through diagnostic or therapeutic procedures with a global approach.

Internal Medicine works in close collaboration with the rest of the specialties, being the doctor the one who prioritizes the needs and decides on the ideal procedures to solve or deal with health pro-blems

Our Internal Medicine Services include:

  The differential diagnosis   Multipathological patient care   Infectious diseases   Medical consultation from the surgical area   Rheumatic, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases   Treatment of medical complications in cancer patients   Treatment of medical problems of the elderly patient   Control of cardiovascular risk factors
  Preoperative evaluation and postoperative monitoring in patients with medical complications   Mellitus diabetes; control, monitoring and attention to complications   Endocrine and metabolic disorders   Diagnosis and treatment of acute and moderate renal failur   Digestive pathology: inflammatory bowel disease, liver dis-ease, pancreatitis…   Cardiorespiratory disease: heart failure, COPD, study and treatment of pleural and pericardial effusions
At IVADE FORUM we also carry out surveillance, monitoring and care for possible complications in patients who are going to undergo invasive examinations or highly complex and high-risk diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. In addition, we carry out a preoperative evaluation of patients with surgical diseases while providing pre- and postoperative support to prevent and treat possible medical complications which these patients may suffer throughout the care process.
In summary, IVADE FORUM Internal Medicine Unit seeks to care for multi-pathological and fragile patients while trying to do with excellence and quality


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